A Mom's Guide to Saving on Groceries


Fantastic Food.  Less Money.  Simple.

When necessary, our food bill is under $250/month for a family of four.  This is how it happened...

Out of necessity, I have learned to live more cheaply, to buy smarter.  Eventually, I cut my grocery bill down to below $300/month (usually, it's less than $250).  That includes quality pet food and foil and paper products, as well as cleaners.  And I am not a coupon-clipper.  Amazing?  Not really.   I think so many people are going to read this blog and say, “Oh my goodness… My mom, or my grandma, used to tell me that!” about a lot of things.

In my case, I realized that with most of my bills being fixed, the only expense with a variable amount was the food bill.  Seizing this information like a life preserver, I proceeded to slash and cut, and essentially "went back to the future" in the way that I shop and prepare food.  I'm predicting that the old ways will become new again.  But here's the twist:  The ideas and recipes you will find here are fast and easy.  Even the bread!  Now you can look like a star, and nobody will know you produced a whole dinner in 30 minutes.

It was a bit later that I realized what I was doing was really different, and needed, so I started writing a cookbook/how-t0 book, called Show Me the Dough.  Then I started seeing articles about mothers feeding their children soda instead of milk because they couldn't afford it.  Other articles chronicled people having to decide between groceries and gas to get to work.   We all like to save money, even if we don't have to!  So here it is, for free, for you.  No strings.  I'll offer the book soon, with recipes and such in printed form.

When reading this blog, go straight to the "categories" section, where everything is organized for you.  If you don't, you will miss all the good stuff, like shopping tips, what to stock in the pantry, etc.