A Mom's Guide to Saving on Groceries


This blog began as a book, which has remained as a project, and will be completed soon. Shortly, recipes will be available to you in a more easily printable format, regardless. They will be under a new tab at the top, labeled, surprisingly, “recipes.” In the meantime, you can copy and paste them into your own word processing software, if you’d like a printed copy!

Also, there is a source of mail order foods that I think you should know about: The San Francisco Herb Company. Here you will find bulk spices, teas, nuts, baking ingredients, and food items. Heaven on earth for foodies who like to save a lot! They even have powdered cheese!

This was an exciting find for me, because I can use it to pump up my macaroni and cheese just a bit. They have two kinds, Kraft, and Just Cheese, which is the simpler of the two, containing mainly, cheese. Regular cheese is full of saturated fat, and very expensive right now. While I do not intend to do away with real cheese (also full of vitamins and calcium!), I will be able to make my mac and cheese healthier and less expensive by incorporating this. I’ll just add a sprinkling of cheese powder to make it pop- maybe a ¼ cup.

Also, and this is KEY: The cheese powder will make the mac and cheese more orange. For some reason, in a kid’s mind (and this seems to be universal), mac and cheese is only good if it is florescent orange. You can also use annato, or pureed carrots in small amounts. If the kids detect the carrots, you are toast.

This company also has some remarkable products: honey powder, coconut milk powder, and bee pollen to name only a few. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Minimum order is $30, and shipping is extremely reasonable. In short, there’s no reason not to order. You’ll find things there you won’t find anywhere else, and what you do order will be shipped for less than you’d spend on gas. Cool.






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