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While I was surfing around recently, I found a mention of a site that has been around for years: www.hillbillyhousewife.com . At first, feminist that I am, I took a tiny bit of exception to the housewife part. And as a transplanted Southerner, I took exception to the hillbilly part, too. When did that happen? Well, anyway, it didn’t take long for me to ascertain that those acronyms were meant to be spoofs, and this lady had some good stuff indeed. You have to check it out.

My particular weakness for cheese has been mentioned before. And I’ve been wanting to make yogurt for a long time, too. So, what do I spy right away?

1. She uses powdered milk like I do! But she takes it to an art form.

2. The woman makes cheese (from powdered milk!). This means she must be great. I knew how to make yogurt cheese, but she makes it from homemade yogurt! And she makes cottage cheese. All I need now is a recipe for goat cheese… I think I might tackle mozerella, too. Looks like I’ve got some experimenting to do!

3. She uses margarine! Well, turns out her husband is diabetic, which explains the difference between our philosophies regarding fake “anything.” Diabetics need a low fat, low cholesterol diet due to the heart disease and circulatory complications associated with diabetes (really, we should all eat that way). She uses artificial sweeteners, too. For the margarine, she uses a heart-smart variety. As for me, I stick with butter, but sometimes I make a butter blend: 50/50, or 2/3 butter to 1/3 canola. The latter tastes better, but the former is better for you (keep cold, or it liquefies).

4. I don’t buy Kool-Aid, or soda, for the most part. What I want is a way to make carbonated water! When I can justify buying the afore-mentioned soda machine, I may do it. Probably I’ll just get a restaurant-quality soda siphon with CO2 cartridges. I love the idea of making carbonated juice drinks, and using my flavored syrups and essential oils to make awesome drinks with less sugar.

5. I think I’ve innovated some processes to make them faster, and I’m really proud to share those with you. But she makes yogurt. Do you know anyone that makes yogurt? I’m going to try it tonight! Take a look at what she’s doing and see what works for you. I really enjoyed this site personally.



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