A Mom's Guide to Saving on Groceries


Hey, guys, I know I mentioned that I am NOT a coupon clipper. This is not because I don't like coupons. You know I looooooove to save. No, it is because I lack some sort of coupon radar. I miss the good ones regularly. Or can't figure out how to tie them in with sales, or they expire... it's some sort of... coupon impairment.

Here is a great resource for people like me! Check this out- this is a site run by a pastor's wife, and a few other ladies who clip coupons for a living.  You can't buy a coupon, but you can pay them to clip.  They find the best deals, but also are tied into a network of other coupon aficionados who give them hot tips, like, which stores are doubling or tripling, and when.  

I spent $5 (a little less) for $36 in savings, which will be $72 when doubled at Bi-Lo.  Only get things you buy all the time...    http://www.thecouponclippers.com

I have the feeling this is the tip of the iceberg. Spread the word, and let's keep these ladies in business!



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