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New Stuff! 04/14/2009

Whew!  For those of you who have been patient enough to check back in while I let this blog sit, thank you.  There was something that had to be completed, and it’s finally done.

In my everyday life, I am an artist and a photographer, not necessarily in that order.  I’m either/or, or a combination of the two, depending on the moment.  Added to that, I’m always a mom!  So it’s hectic around here.  As the photography business grew, it became necessary to create a separate site for it, away from the portraiture and paintings site.  They are linked by the blog, and I’m so pleased to announce that despite my utter lack of IT ability, it’s done!

You can see it here: MarlenaMontaneyPhotography      

There are galleries for each of my specialties, and more are coming.  I guess we’ll have to add food and cooking lifestyle photos, too!  I loooove to cook, and it would be great to now combine this passion with the photography.  So it’s coming! 

As  a quick nod to Show Me the Dough, I have to share a recent find:  Wooden clothes pins.  I buy them in packs of 50 for a buck or two, and they make the best closures for all kinds of things, food-related or otherwise.  They are quicker and much easier than a twisty, and WAY more cost-effective than a chip clip.  Also wonderful for arthritis sufferers.

Another one: hydrogen peroxide, the kind for medical purposes.  It is a:

·         Deodorizer:  potty-training?  Accident on the carpet?  Pour hydrogen peroxide on it, and it will disinfect it and remove the odor.  Also good on pet stains.  And under $1.00/bottle

·         Stain Remover:  To about ¼ cup of peroxide, add a few drops of dish detergent.  Use to remove stains, ALL stains.  I’ve even had it work on mildew, common in the South.

·         Dental Rinse:  Mix ½ and ½ with water and swish for one minute.  I swear it whitens teeth, too, though I’ll have to investigate for clinical evidence of such.  Kills germs, and prevents and treats gingivitis. 

·         Disinfectant:  Use on anything, to kill germs.  I like to put it into a spray bottle with a little “fresh linen” room scent (the stuff you put in reed diffusers that costs about $3.00 for a liter).  It works like the expensive stuff to freshen up a room and get rid of odors, or just make it smell wonderful.




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